2 comments on “A New Look!

  1. Great New Logo, Terry!

    My first impressions are … 1) wonderful, progressive use of colors, squares, lines and circles (movement from left to right), 2) the two holes (aka eyes) in the camera “draw you in” (asking you to put yourself in the picture), and, 3) the two film-spools, top of camera, make me think of “Mickey Mouse Ears”. (Are you working with Disney? Ha ha)

    Good Luck with the Great New Logo & First Impressions Video, Terry! (“Luck is 99% what you make it.”) First Impressions are never forgotten!! Have a great day! Bob

    • Well geez, Bob…that’s about as incredible a comment as I’ve heard in quite a while! And thanks, too! Your observations and analysis are spot-on…all but the Disney part, though I did a LOT of stuff with Disney back in my airline/cruise line days! Very thoughtful comments, Bob, thanks again!

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